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California is looking at requiring emissions testing on Motorhomes over 14,000 lbs

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In the past diesel motorhomes over 14,000 lbs were not tested for unacceptable exhaust emissions in California. It looks like this will probably change in 2023. Many of the details are still being developed by CARB. Here is an article that includes the 52 page draft. I do not know anymore that what the article reports. https://www.rvtravel.com/california-mandatory-motorhome-emissions-testing/

Pat Coleman

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Dennis, thanks for heads up. I have followed the first posting. Almost all anti-CA and I very much understanding. I hope some more definition of what is coming will begin to come out about the testing. Scanning the 52 page draft I found testing to be done thru ECM port. The port on my 2000 Dip was not named. Only info I found about my age coach was discussed in a section about a smoke test and percentages allowed by age group. We have lived in CA since middle 70's. We would move to another state if we did not have 3 of our 5 children and 6 of 10 grandchildren living nearby. 

Our rig is sitting in truck repair shop near Stockton for what I think is a new starter motor. Guess I'll have fixed and enjoy the next two years.  

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