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Possible HWH 680 Series Leveling System issues

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OK guys and gals, please be gentle with me here (I am not an RV expert that is for sure). We have a 2003 Monaco Dynasty with Tag axle. We have a 680 series HWH air leveling system in addition to hydraulic jacks. Over the winter a friend of ours serviced our Hydraulic jacks (just adding fluid) as well as changing oils filters etc for our engine and gen. I do not think this has anything to do with our issue, however just wanted to be sure I provide as much information as possible. Now for my bizarre issue:

When we went over to start our coach and un- winterize it we notice the passenger side air bags front and back were over inflating while the drivers side were not filling with air once the system aired up. On the armrest "touch pad" for our 680 series leveling system the green light came on as normal. We dumped all air but once again the passenger side over filled while the drivers side was left very low. I noticed when turning "on" our air leveling system that the pad was not displaying any other leds indicating what side or front or back is out of level. None of the "manual" leveling buttons appear to be working or lights on the pad. I can however get the auto level to come on, however it just airs up the front bags left and right in this case, and leaves the ass end to droop. If I dump all air and then raise up the coach all the way (in this case all bags fill up) and then dump air again as well as unplugging the touch pad and then plugging it back in, it seems to right itself (goes to proper travel height on all sides and front to back). Here is an even more bizarre thing, if we start to drive more than a mile or so, the passenger side begins to over inflate again. Before we took it for this test run, it was running, we took it out of neutral and released the brakes...and it was fine, for hours. But the test drive restarted the issue. We have ordered a new touch pad (will be here on Tuesday) we checked the fuses, we checked the fuses on the control board (none were found blown)

I am wondering if a bad touch pad can cause all of this...or do we have another issue as well? Should we disconnect the touch pad and try another test drive while it is disconnected? Would that confirm if it is the touch pad? Or is there another way to entirely rule out the HWH system (pull power from it? A fuse maybe?) I was hoping one of you may have had a similar issue and can guide me through proper trouble shooting to get to the root of the issue we are having.

Is there anything that would cause this response on the chassis? Bad solenoid, some sort of travel height failure, the control board as well as the touch pad, seems kind of strange that only the passenger side is impacted. and also odd that disconnecting this touch pad sort of resets it only for it to happen again once it is plugged back in and we drive it. How do we even test for a bad air solenoid?  Thank you for listening. 


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Guest Ray Davis

Welcome to the group.

Like Gary above I suspect you have a sticking solenoid, but my guess is just that a guess and not worth much.

Your coach has 3 manifolds under the coach.  Each manifold has 6 solenoids,  the solenoids control the air to the air bags/springs.  The solenoids are told when to let air in or out by the controller.

There is an expert that is always ready to help.   Unfortunately he is not on this group You can get in touch with him on IRV2 ( another group )  at this link          https://www.irv2.com/forums/f115/2004-hwh-six-pack-air-leak-fix-527839.html                                                                                                                                                 He goes by azpete , post #10 in the thread

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I have the same coach and last year it happened to me turns out the rubber ends on the ride height valve linkage  had dry rotted and one in the rear had broke free. I replaced all three linkages and all is fine. As stated here many times BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL always have the coach supported (jacks,ramps, etc.) before anyone goes under there especially when working on the air suspension system.

Roy Mercier

03 Dynasty  

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