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Monaco Watts, LLC (Mike Hughes)

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Manufacturer of the Monaco Watts Link. View their website for a wealth of information on the Monaco Watts solution.

Website: https://www.monacowatts.com/index.htm

The Monaco Watts System was developed through the joint effort of dozens of engineers, machinists, and early adopters on the IRV2 Monaco Owners Group, specifically through the discussion "Wandering, sway bars, alignment, ride height, oh my" and Van Williams who originated the idea.

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Well the install of front watts bar and rear cross braces on my 2005 rr8r chassis was like night and day.    Used to sweat bullets with trucks passing on I-10.   The trip from so cal to Phoenix nearly took the life out of me.   Now I'm fine with 400 Miles of interstate in a day.   Last 4500 Mile trip was no sweat.  (Oh except where the lanes were ten foot or less with k rails on both sides.  That scares the hell out of me)


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