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How to get to/replace Water pump


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The water pump on my Knight started acting up and slowly died.  I figure it's the part that senses the pressure that quit.  Somewhere I read that the pressure sensor is usually the part that goes.  The main problem is how the heck do you get to it?  It's hidden behind the big white panel that has all the stuff like the shower, switches, etc attached to it.  Are the parts that are attached to the white panel loose enough to allow you to get behind it if the mounting screws are removed?  Thanks!

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Bob:  You can try tapping the top of the water pump fairly hard with a small hammer or wrench. I did that and the pressure switch freed up and the pump worked for a number of months after that.  I ended up replacing it at an inconvenient moment in a parking lot in Las Vegas, so even if you can get it working temporarily, you'll want to replace it.

I don't know how your pump is mounted in your 09 Knight.  In my 05 Knight I can get at it below the white panel.  Getting the water fittings aligned and fastened required removing the wet bay heater, since I couldn't get my hands in quite the right position to align and tighten one of the fittings.

At another time, because of a needed hose replacement on the hose reel, I cut the white panel with a saber saw, about 10 inches from the left. I was then able to remove the short left hand side and access the hose reel.  After completing the hose replacement, I put the short side of the panel back in place and spliced it onto the larger side using an aluminum ruler, which I cut to length and drilled two rows of small holes in, left screws hold the left panel, right screws hold the right panel.  Because I mounted the ruler with the ruled side toward the panel, I have the blank side of the ruler facing out and it looks pretty nice and professional.

On my 05 Knight the right side of the panel has a lot more stuff hooked to it and removing it would be more work, but not any real problem.

Monaco seems to have put that white panel in before the house, sidewalls and bay doors were installed, so it does not seem to me that the white panel can come out without cutting it.

Dwight L

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I just took off the white panel on my 2006 Monaco, thought I had a bad valve.  Close off all water, then you have to remove all the faucet fittings by unscrewing them from the back.  If you can get your hands back and behind it.  Then unscrew the panel.  Wasnt that bad, but I got short arms and small hands lol


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I have an 09 Knight also. Mine is readily available mounted on the forward wall. Replacing mine with the 4008-101-E65.

$65 thru Panther RV


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