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Tire Tracker TT-400 - Pay Shipping

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I just replaced my TPMS with a new upgraded system and have my old one, a Tire Tracker TT-400, that I'd like to give to someone that could use it. It does need some TLC as I think a few sensors are not working. I haven't used it in a year or so so don't know exactly what shape it is in. It cost me $770 when I bought it. It will come in the original box with 10 sensors (working or not 🙂 ) and the instruction manual.

All you need to do to get it is pay the shipping cost.

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I had one of my Tire Minder sensors reading 30 lb low. Tire Minder company was no help. I sprayed silicone spray into the sensor (air end) and, only one trip, it's working fine.

If you try this do not use any petroleum-based lubricant, including WD-40

Just food for thought


- bob

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