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Water heater problems


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I have two hot water problems. Are they connected? First, the hot water at the sink for the last few days has fluctuated hot and cold. Then we started getting hot water through the cold water sides in the sinks and shower. This morning there was a light flow of hot water through the water heater pressure relief valve. I don’t know if it’s a leaking valve or doing it’s pressure relief thing.

In February I winterized for the first time. Hope I did it right. I think I put the water heater bypass valve in the correct position, vertical, but the placard on it is not visible in the compartment. The owner’s manual picture is a little ambiguous.

Does anyone have any advice?

‘05 Ambassador 40PLQ

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I hope you drained the HW heater when you winterized.  If not, you would be having a different problem.

As for HW coming through CW side . . . and getting relief from the pressure valve.  My best guess is your pushing HW back into the CW supply of the heater from boiling.  I am guessing, BTW.  Try turning the heater off for a few hours then see if symptoms continue. 

If this is the problem I'd say your thermostat is wonky.

Good luck,

- bob

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