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Girard Adjustment

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The Girard patio awning just 'tips the corner of the door when it retracts with door fully open.  I followed instructions from the manual (Screen shot below) but no change.  I loosened both 3/4" nut& bolt as shown, then tightened the 3/8" adjustment bolt at least two turns but there was no difference.    Then I tried to lower the rear to give more front to back pitch.  Loosened both the 3/4" then backed off on the 3/8" adjustment bolt.  After about a half turn the bolt could be turned by fingers.  Looks like something is stuck. 

Sprayed a little oil in both front and rear assemblies and tried a few minutes later... same thing.

Am I missing something?  Has anyone raised (or lowered) their Girard adjustments?




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