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Free Day/Night Blinds, upgrade to MCD

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We just purchased a set of MCD shades at the Perry convention and I just got around to doing the install.  I now have a complete set of day/night shades available to anyone that has damaged theirs.  Take the whole set or part, they are packed in the MCD shipping box ready to go.  Free!!! (except shipping)    Sizes are......

24x29; 60x30; 51x30 two; 31.5x27; 17x23 two  

I also replaced the blind in the bath but it was aluminum slats and available anywhere.  Also, two of the slats had slight bends from opening the window so I junked it.

Email if interested      jrcutler1@gmail.com

If you intend to upgrade your shades to MCD, definitely buy the "better" mounting clips if you will be doing the mounting yourself.   The job is not as easy as it looks, unless you have a small head that can squeeze into a 3" shade box while you place a clip you try to hold in place with tape using your short arms and your shaking benign tremors.  Also, the snap into clips, that take two circus strong men to hold the long blind while pushing into the holding clip.  You soon find out that it takes a large screw driver as a push rod on the bracket inside the shade box to get it to snap into place with at least 50 pounds of force at each clip.  The only easy blind was the bath because I could stand and install it.

Rich Cutler

06' Windsor



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Had similar issues with the install!  Found that with my coach it was easier to take down the valence and install the MCD's then put the entire assembly back up.  Two cautions.  (1) Make sure you know your front and back clearance to prevent interference with the window latch.  (2). Where you have a cabinet above the window, attach the lower side screws of the assembly first and use decorative/same color screws through the exposed front upper lip of the valence into the cabinet bottom.  And a drill driver with long extension reduces cramping.


2010 Neptune 37PDQ

2019 Jeep Cherokee



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