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Want to replace system monitor


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I want to replace my old factory system monitors.  The house/chassis/solar display has a demon.  The fresh/gray/black tank monitor is a joke.  I'd like to clean up the cabinet that houses all this old stuff and replace with some space age displays.  Any suggestions?  I like the see level stuff, if that's the right name for it for the tanks.  The electrical monitor I'm not sure what all is out there.  My current panel displays all kinds of numbers each time I move the switch.  I have one solar panel that at times has displayed nothing or the highest I've seen on it is close to 20 amps which is not possible.  Thanks.

Woody Miller

09 Dynasty Regal IV

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I have the SeeLevel and I like it. For solar I use a Victron BMV-712. This uses a shunt to measure battery state of charge. The only true way to measure it. For a solar controller I use a Victron 100/50.



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