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Anyone had a small drip on the distribution manifold, on the back of the pump? 

All the lines are tight, cannot quite get my eyes on it. I’ve read about an O-Ring for a sensor on the top of the manifold going bad and a simple fix. I guess I need to get a set eyes on it because by the time I get under it when it’s running the manifold is wet. So it’s hard to determine exact location. Very small amount but any amount is too much 

Here is where I kinda think I’m at



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Guest Ray Davis

Lift pump fuel leaks was a frequent topic with many posts in the past, seems to have slowed lately.

Here is a post that may help.

Robert U

 I had a fuel leak in the lift pump 2 years ago and I tightened the 3 bolts and leak went away. When it started leaking  again I had the lift pump replaced. A little over $1,000. Still had a leak at the pump. Turns out the connector on the fuel line that comes out of pump sending fuel back to the tank was leaking all over the lift pump. Replaced connector and all is good. Thought you would like to know the fix.

Bob U

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Thanks both

It’s not in the Lift pump (primer pump) area. It is the back of the main pump, on the distribution manifold, where the hard lines come out and run to injectors. 

I’ve already bypassed the lift pump with a FASS set up. 

This pic was in the link, I’ll put it in for reference 


Thanks again 




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