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2 years ago we had an accident (by the way, it is legal to park/stop on a freeway in Illinois per IL State Officer - Long story) and had right front damage and a cracked windshield. Body shop did a fantastic repair and paint match. The glass people however were not so good ( INSURANCE CO CHOICE). I wanted a new gasket installed as the old one had some minor damage and the glass people said no, it's fine!

With pandemic last year we didn't really travel. This spring we noticed wind noise from the windshield and I could see that the right side gasket was bowing out. Insurance was no help because of the time that passed.

I contacted Elkhart Sales & Service to see who they recommended. RV Glass Solutions in Elkhart (they are nationwide) was who we were directed to. Got quotes from them (one gasket and labor only and the other new glass, gasket & labor if something broke. Prices were not as bad as I thought they would be.

Work was completed quickly, neatly, no need for glass replacement and it looks like new! The service tech, Del is a real pro!

If you need windshield repair/replacement, call RV Glass Solutions!


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RV Glass Solutions in Lakeland Florida installed my new Coach Glass windshield in February 2020 paid by my insurance company Progressive. They did an excellent job and also replaced the drip rail over the top of the windshield that had cracked and split. However, they did not replace the gasket as it was not damaged at all. They stated that the only time they will replace the gasket is when it IS damaged.

I plan to have them replace 4-5 side windows possibly this coming February after the Monacoers Gathering.

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