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Intermittent Turbo Issues

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I had a new Turbo installed on my Cummins 325 hp diesel (2007 Vacationer Diesel).  As well as a new exhaust and electronics. Sometimes it works as expected, a lot of the time a warning light comes on and the turbo does not function.  Sometimes when this happens, after a while the turbo starts working normally for a while and then suddenly quits.  Any info as to causes is appreciated.

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What warning light comes on?  The turbo is driven from exhaust from engine loading and a lot of suspected turbo issues are really engine fueling issues. An intermittent crank position sensor or manifold absolute pressure sensor can cause your issues.  There would be a diagnostic code stored in the engine ECM as to which sensor. Or any issues in the fuel system could also be the culprit 

if the turbo spins up at all (makes good boost at times) which it sounds like it does, then it could also be either a sticking wastegate or if its a variable geometry turbo then the gate could be sticking.  Either of these causes bypass of exhaust around the turbo making it not spin up. 

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Hi John_C, thanks for the reply.  The warning light covers engine and transmission.  It is the only one on my instrument panel.  It is VGT and I will have to get the shop to look at the codes as I do not have an analyzer.  Yes when it does work I get lots of boost.  Will go to storage local on Monday and try the different things that have been suggested and that I can do myself.   If they fail I'll have to make an appointment at the Cummins repair shop.

3 hours ago, Chuck B said:

I trust you used a Cummins Authorized Distributor Cummins shop.  If you did, those shops warranty their work for 45 days.  You can go to Any Distributor shop for warranty work.  If not, you need to return to the shop that did your work.  Chuck B 2004 Windsor

Thanks Chuck, yes it was a Authorized Cummins shop.  Unfortunately it is in Georgia and I had the work done on our return trip up to Canada at the start of the Pandemic. Due to Border closure we have not been able to return there.  They have suggested that, when Border opens I take it to their nearest facility which is in Ohio.

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Problem solved. After two major repair facilities could not solve the problem, Inland Trucking and Trailer in Niagara Region, Canada solved the problem in no time flat.  Turned out that the vacuum tube was broken, they replaced it ($500.00 can part) and bingo, turbo works great.  If you need repairs in the Buffalo, Niagara Canda region, Inland are amazing.  They even kept our coach in a heated garage while waiting for parts and they did not run the bill up.

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