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Intellitec EMS issue

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We have an Intellitec 50 AMP Smart Energy Management System (EMS) Model 750. We are currently plugged into a good (verified by Progressive PT50C)  30A receptacle. At one point our EMS indicated a 50A source rather than 30. I started the generator and the panel correctly indicated "GEN SET", but when I killed the gennie it went back to indicating 50A.

I was able to reset it by killing all power (AC and DC), waiting a bit, then re-establishing power. It indicated normally for a day or so, then went back to the 50A indication. I tried the reset procedure again, twice, but this time it didn't help.

So my questions are, what causes this malfunction, and how can I fix it? Do I need a new control board?



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Disregard. Problem solved. I found a post on IRV2 which said all circuit breakers must be on for the EMS panel to function normally. I had turned off the circuit breaker for the front A/C because it is running continuously (another issue; stuck relay maybe?). I turned that breaker back on and the EMS panel is now indicating correctly.

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2 hours ago, Dr4Film said:

Use the thermostat to turn off the AC not the circuit breaker.

Thanks, Richard, but that doesn't work. The fan would stop, but not the compressor. That's why I suspect a stuck relay on the A/C control board. Since I suspect it is not good for the compressor to run without the fan, I resort to tripping the breaker. When we want to run the A/C I turn the circuit breaker back on (which starts the compressor) and then use the thermostat to turn on the fan.

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