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No power to 12v house matrix


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I just lost 12v power to the matrix system.  No lights, no ability to use slide outs, switch on Aquahot, turn on thermostats, water pump.  
The matrix panel draws its power from the rear run box via 2/0 cable.  The BigBoy is humming.  I switched off the house and engine batteries then turned them back on, got a clack sound from the BB aftrer a few seconds.  Still no power to the matrix.  
We are full timers.  We’re screwed.  How can I jumper 12v to the matrix?  

Never mind.  Idiot owner must have accidentally bumped the salesman switch.  I’ve never used it since I bought the coach.  

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This happened to me and the Solenoids were the problem...they were burnt badly. I bypassed them to get the slides and 12V house power back to the matrix. It worked so well that I have yet to switch them back after a year. I got replacement Solenoids off of Amazon for $35 each. I'll get to it one of these days. It would be nice to use the +12 volt cut-off switch in the stairwell at night.

Before you reach in there you need to disconnect the batteries.  Then take the wires from the right side of the Solenoid and move them to the left side.  Keep the wires connected to the black "High-Amp" circuit breakers. Don't over tighten the Solenoids or the black plastic will crack...ask me how I know.

You need to get some compressed air and blow out your rear run box.  things are pretty dusty in there.




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caution to disconnect battery
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