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Basement A/C unit

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I’m at a rally and met a guy who is interested in a early 2000’s Beaver, I think it’s a Patriot. Approx. 35’ rig. He said it has basement A/C, doesn’t know the brand yet. 
Does anyone have any insight/experience with the basement A/C’s that Monaco used at that time? Reliability? Do they have the output needed?  
Any experience that can be provided would be appreciated as it’s one of the concerns that the buyer has regarding a possible purchase

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I would assume it might be a Coleman 2ton unit. I had one in a 2005 Dolphin gasser, don’t know if a 2000 vintage would be the same unit. Mine was a two stage two compressor unit. You could run at 1/2 capacity one compressor with 30a service. Mine was a heat pump, pretty quiet. These are basically a 2 ton side discharge unit similar to a mobile home or a very small rooftop unit on a building by design. For a 35’ it should be ok but they don’t cool things down very fast it the rig is much larger than 33’ IMO. They are not always easy to service or replace if they have to be removed to replace big part items. IMO not a throw away unit like some might do with a roof mount model. They run about $3000+ new. They were in Winnebago’s, Nationals and others. Mine ran well but was hard to keep a 37’ coach cool on hot days. Start the day with it really cold because it will not keep up on a hot day.

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