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Air Dryer Keeps Failing


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Hello Everyone, 

On my Class A (2008 Monaco Camelot 36PDQ) my Air dryer has developed leaks 4 times in less than a year. The 1st OEM (Wabco 006110500 1200 System Saver Air Dryer, Formerly Meritor R955205) started leaking from the regeneration valve in 01/21. We replaced the complete unit with one from amazon. It lasted 4 months and started leaking from the purge valve. We got a free replacement from Amazon and installed the replacement, That lasted about 6 weeks and started leaking from a pin in front of the front air hose. We then got a refund from Amazon and got Wabco OEM. That started leaking after 3 weeks before it started leaking from the regen valve.

I replaced all of these myself. These units are located about 2 ft from the engine on a separate mounting pillar. I understand that some units had issues with hoses overheating (some were mounted close to the engine and the hoses were 2-3 ft long). I don't believe mine is that type as it is about 7 ft long (Leaves the dryer travels back around a pillar and connects to what I assume is the compressor.)

I replaced all 3 units myself, and am wondering if I missed something in my unfamiliarity with air systems.  I unbolted the old units cleaned the threads on the fittings with threads and teflon tape on the fittings. Any thoughts? and Thanks for any help you can give.


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John, I'm pretty sure I replied to your thread on IRV2 with my experience so I won't bother repeating it.

Your dryer is mounted in the same location as mine, and while it's great for servicing, I still think it's mounted higher than it should be!

The manufacturer recommends a downhill slope on the feed line from the compressor. whether that could be causing us issues, I really don't know.

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