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Flexsteel Seat Cover Source

Gary M

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I recently saw this info and thought it could be of help to anyone needing to reupholster their captains 🪑 . She is an ex employee of Flexsteel and has the patterns for the captains chairs. She can make the covers. I am in touch with her and plan to have some made myself.

Lisa Bauer

Bauer RV Upholstery LLC

449 Clarke Dr.

Dubuque, IA  52001


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1 hour ago, Jim Bob said:

is there a ballpark on what she charges?

$795 ea.

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4 hours ago, Gary 05 AMB DST said:

Gary, is it a cover that fits over the existing seat cover? Does she have access to the seat foam? I've been searching for an improvement over towels.

Gary 05 AMB DST

My understanding is it replaces your existing fabric. If u need new foam padding, the installer/ upholsterer would do that. 

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