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Allison Shifting Issue

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Just purchased a 2005 Monaco Cayman a few weeks ago.  This problem never happened during our test drive, but the day I picked it up I noticed it when I parked it in the driveway.  It is very intermittent, but when it happens, it’s quite a nuisance.   I know temperature doesn’t seems to have a role in the issue.  Anyways, sometimes when shifting on the keypad from any gear position to another, even neutral, the service light comes on and the gear display goes dead.  Can’t do anything until a shut the engine down and restart. Sometimes it will be back to N, other times it stays dead until I press N twice, at which time the display reads NN.   Just not sure on how to proceed on this, aside from taking it in.  Quite annoying when needing to back in somewhere and I have to restart several times. Thanks for any input.  No issues otherwise that I can tell. 

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