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operation of locking clip on Carefree awning above entry door 2004 HR Scepter

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While driving about 65 mph downhill into a 20 mph headwind, my wife noticed the awning above the entry door had rolled out a few inches. This awning has maybe 4' long arms on each side of the door. The awning pull is around 36" long so a decent size awning. mounted to the side of the MH are two clips that the awning arms "snaps" up against. There is a slide block inside the awning arm with two holes and wings that fit into the clips on the side of the MH. My owners manual does not address these clips and I have not had any luck in the past getting info off the Carefree website. Tonight it will not even come up.

I pulled the sliding blocks down, pushed the awning arms against the clip and was able to get one of the blocks to slide up. appeared to be a position mismatch and could not get the second block up. Used side cutters to bevel the upper corners off the wings of the block and lubed the slides and I can push the clips up and "lock" the arms to the side. I am wondering if the blocks should be unlocked to roll out and locked to store by physically moving up and down or will they self lock/unlock when the awning is rolled out or up? not wanting to slam the the blocks and break the clips. what do others do? slow internet and can not upload pic at this time

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