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loose mirror glass

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Well. I have the same problem. And instead of trying to find a replacement ($900.00) or around that figure, I took my mirror off and removed all the pieces. I found that the mirror base frame inside the outside housing, was broken off the plastic. I used JB weld to fix the issue and it only lasted a couple months. I am going to have to try and use a better adhesive material next time.

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What mirror do you have?

In earlier coaches, the mirrors are probably RAMCO or VELVAC.  In a 2011 which I guess was Navistar era, I have no clue.  You should be able to find out by looking at the mirrors, or by looking at your build sheet or RV Data Card if you have them.

I have RAMCO mirrors.

I bought a new lower convex mirror glass, just the glass, not the whole mirror, from RAMCO:


My replacement lower convex glass was SNP-GLS171-KIT.  It came with a snap on skirt, a small manual mechanism and screws.


Worked great.

If you have a RAMCO, as I do, you should call them, perhaps send them a picture of your mirror and they can guide you to the replacement part you need.



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Drivers side fell off years ago (2014) and now passenger fell off in September.  This is my 2nd replacement and Ramco can usually tell what kit you need by your year and model.  $34 was the price but brace yourself for shipping...........$27 in my case for Colorado! I saw units on E-bay (with free or low shipping) but decided the factory for this one.  I plan on using Gorilla tape which held up the temporary blind spot mirror purchased from Wal-Mart while on last trip. 

Ramco's phone number is 574-266-1455

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Auto body shop or RV collision repair deal with this kind of thing all the time. Take yours to them after you call for an appointment. Also, beware of duct tape. If it's on your paint, it will take paint off when you remove it. Anywhere else, it will leave all of its adhesive on the coach after being sun drenched for a short while.


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On the topic of mirrors. If you snag a Ramco mirror on something and break it off that can be fixed by filing the two faces flat and tapping both pieces with a 3/8 pipe tap. I used a stainless steel high pressure nipple to join the pieces however I suppose any non corrosive metal would suffice.

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