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Magnum ME2012 2000 watt Inverter

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Magnum ME2012 2000 watt Inverter
Looks and works like new

Was running perfectly when I uninstalled it
Upgraded to Pure Sine Wave

Make me a reasonable Offer




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That Magnum ME2012 is a great unit!  We had one in the Minnie Winnie for 9 years before we sold the rig and it was so maintenance-free and dependable.  I'm wishing this Beaver had one instead of the Xantrex.  If I do ever upgrade this I will go with a Pure-Sine-Wave version.


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On 11/17/2021 at 3:10 PM, waterskier_1 said:

Where are you located?  Shipping will likely cost more than the inverter is worth.  Does it include the Remote Panel?  AGS?

  _Rick N.


I have a remote panel for it, but the "inverter" buttom takes a little more effort to work, but the button does work and I have a telephone like cord for the remote panel if you need it. No auto gen start.

23 hours ago, alaskawalker said:

Hi.  I'm interested in your inverter. How much do you want for it?

$500 with remote, you  pay for shipping

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