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Talin/Stone Vos are absolutely the very best

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Talin/Stone Vos are absolutely the very best in every respect!!!

I made an appointment for installation of new slide seals and the replacement of my main awning material.
I arrived for work to begin Dec 9, 2019 at Chris and Ingrid’s new location 710 S Main St. Brooksville, FL and set up, 50/30/20 Amp power was available.  

Dustin (Service Manager) and helper Mike (service tech) were able to remove my old seals and replace them all in one day, the following day they installed the new Awning which Tom (Production manager/Seamster) had created for my coach.

Dustin also adjusted my Driver's side slide to close properly, (better than when I purchased new)

Amy (Operations Officer) handles appointments, estimates, invoices and customer service desk.

Jason (Executive Director) IT Guru, Technical support and after work customer service.

I’m extremely happy with the work, quality of materials, cost and speed at which the job was done. I highly recommend them and will be returning for any future work needed.

Ingrid and Chris Throgmartin and the group are very friendly, honest and have become part of my RVing family, more than simply an RV repair shop.


Thom Argy

05 Monaco Camelot PDQ

17 Buick Enclave

Ston Vos Talin m.jpg

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I had a similar experience just recently with Talin RV (aka Chris Throgmartin) and here's my story.

Back in 2014 when I had new carpeting installed in the coach while in CA, in order to do the bedroom correctly I removed the bed pedestal from the slide. I then discovered that the two wood runners which slide on the inside rollers located on the floor had gouges in them where the rollers had deteriorated the wood. Stupid me, instead of doing the project the right way by installing SS skid plates I installed some plexiglass on the wood runners and put everything back together after the carpet was installed. Well the plexiglass lasted less than one month of running the slide in and out before it started to crack and breakup into small pieces. Needless to say I was disgusted with myself for doing that. Now jump ahead to present. This past summer the slide was not going in and out smoothly enough for me so recently I tore the pedestal all apart one more time. Then I called Chris to ask what size and type of SS plates do I need to protect the wood from the slide rolling in and out? He cut two pieces of SS plates, drilled mounting holes in each one, packaged them up and shipped them over to Flagler Beach where I live. They fit perfectly and I had them installed in less than 30 minutes after the package had arrived. The bed pedestal is now reassembled AND the slide now rolls very smoothly without any hesitations.

Talin RV, Stone Vos Inc., Chris and Ingrid Throgmartin are the VERY best people to deal with and their products and the VERY best also. Plus a shout out to Amy who I worked with to get the size correct and Dustin who cut and drilled the SS plates for me. Amy was very pleasant to work with when taking care of the invoice and shipping.

I will only use Talin RV & Stone Vos for all of my specialty RV needs. You don't have to seek out any other company as they are the VERY BEST!

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