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Buick power!


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JD, that is great.  My dad drove Buicks back in the 50s when GM ruled.  Most of you guys probably never heard of the Dynaflow transmission that Buick had.  Dynaflows were opposite from today's transmissions that seem to never stop shifting, it didn't shift at all.  Not feeling those shift points just smooth power, you might find yourself going 100 mph before the cop pulled you over.  Those were big gas guzzling cars back then, but hey gas was 25 cents and dad was buying.  I think that's why I thought it was the good old days.  Style was everything, you knew what you were seeing.  Chrome, chrome and more chrome.  One car could keep David's shop    busy from now on. LOL   Now days cars zoom by, and they all look pretty much the same, mostly black SUVs. Yeah, I've got a black SUV too, the wife loves it.

Here's a real car Image result for 1956 Buick Roadmaster. Size: 150 x 99. Source: www.kloompy.com

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