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Where is my Transfer Switch?


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Was planning on checking my transfer switch today to ensure that it was not an IOTA switch.   Before searching for the switch, I started the generator and noticed that the generator was not powering the coach.........that's what I get for thinking I was going to do some preventive maintenance!

Searched all the basement compartments, including back by the water pump and power cord reel without sucess.

Anyone know where they hid the transfer switch on a 2009 Dynasty Yorkshire?



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Found the Transfer Switch.  It was under right in front of me!   I didnt realize the Surge Protection System was also the transfer switch..........🙃

We'll I now have removed all the ceiling panels of the three basement compartments and are familiar with their contents!  

I'm going to check the torque on all connections. 

Any feedback or comments regarding the Surge Guard unit?   

This Surge Protector is 12 years old, should I be using a new technology external surge proctor as well?

Appreciate the feedback and comments!!


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