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Fan-tastic vent remote control

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I am in the need of some help in finding an older fan-tastic vent remote control. It's a model 6600 fan with a 417RF remote.

The lights quit working and it does not work the fan, there is no corrosion and changed batteries 3 times. I really don't want to buy a new $400 plus fan unit because of a bad remote. Or if any one knows of someone that could repair this remote I would be interested in talking to them.

I would appreciate any help or information you my have

Bob Etter  rdetter5009@yahoo.com  (765) 346-2792                '04 Holiday Rambler Navigator, '03 Ford Expedition.


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Duh! I apologize for not re-reading your original post where you said it's a model 6600. My sources tell me there is no replacement for that remote. Etrailer thought the FV9068-09 would work but apparently it will not.  Soooo...you might try some of the RV salvage yards or simply upgrade your fan. AdventureRV has an upgrade kit to the 7350 with remote for $163 bucks....Dennis


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I replaced our hybrid travel trailer's OEM bathroom exhaust fan with a Fan Vent, the Fan-Tastic Vent 3-Speed. This fan is strong enough to pull the headboards off the bed, making closing the door much easier. Very quiet on 300 & 600cfm, 55 and 60 dB respectively. 900 cfm at 65 db, a bit bigger, but still not bad. Overall, a great fan at a reasonable price.

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