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Yes the Groups.io format is the same as the Yahoo group. It was developed by the same individual who developed Yahoo.

Over the past couple of years many of the members have asked for us to get away from the Yahoo Group as there was to many re-occurring problems and you never knew what monkey wrench Yahoo was going to throw at you. Now with their October Surprise that they were shutting down all Yahoo groups and would only remain an Email base forum we could have lost all our valuable info.

On of the reasons we chose not to convert over to the groups.io format was that we would not own the site or the content and we could not be sure if we would not have the same issues that we have with Yahoo now. The other reason was that groups.io is not free and you pay a fee to have a forum on this site and there is no guarantee that in the future groups.io might not go the same way as Yahoo.

As with all things, when there is change it will take awhile for some members to adjust, but our new home is great and is easy to use and you can do much more on it.

We have no issues with groups.io, it was just not a good fit for the Bill D's Monacoers Yahoo group. We wanted something better and something we owned and had control over.

The other site in question that is on the groups.io called Monacoers is a BOGASS site set up by a guy who stole, copied our parts list and our email addresses and was a member of the Monacoers Yahoo Group. We will not support him and if some one wants to be a member of his group that is OK. They just will not be allowed to be a member of the Bill D's Monacoers Group.



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Ditto what Dave said.  That was something that was discussed a lot in phone conversations.  We are a bit unique.  Our Parts List and our files have a lot of good information in them.  They are also NOW organized where we can get stuff out.  i have been testing this and it is a heck of a lot easier to find or search for stuff.  They guys did a great job on the file structure and organization.

The OTHER plus is that we can STILL control our Parts List.  That may not mean a lot to you, but for us old timers who had to update and work on the Parts List....as well as the "Prime Mission Statement" that Bill, Fred and Rex had as their Mantra.....   We need to keep it controlled and the BOGASS  (what a word) site guy is a PITA and does mess like this just because he seems to have that type of personality and too much time on his hands.  I guess it gets cold where he purports to be and the winter nights get lonely.

Bottom line....  If we had moved to the IO format....we would have lost that.  That would have been a deal  breaker.....and it was not made without a whole lot of thought.  Too many people, some alive and some passed on to that big MH campground in the sky, have put in TOO much work for that to happen....  We chose NOT to fall victim to a hijacking of a person that fails the "Smell" test.

That's about it....  

For groups like the RV760, the new IO will work.  But for what we have and want to keep and preserve.....this was the only option.....and believe me, I was on the fence from time to time and finally figured it out.....


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