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Advice on Sealing

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Hi folks.  
I got my guardian plates from TalinRV installed today. Not too bad of a job.  Lots of careful grinding of the slide bottom wall and very sticky & messy marine sealant.  In the end, turned out quite nicely, and hopefully that fixes up all those problems.  
My other problem now is I’m fighting myself on how to fix up the trim piece that runs horizontally along the whole length of the coach, just above the cargo bay doors.  Previous owner has siliconed atop the original.  The caulk is starting to peel away in places, but in other areas it’s sticking just fine still.  How would you go about fixing this? 








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Just putting it out there that I’m aware the pictures are not in the proper orientation. Wasn’t on my end.
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I did all my belt molding trim last year.  Did some reading and posted some questions.  Someone recommended using long plastic scrapers to peel out the old sealer.  I bought a set of these from Harbor Freight https://www.harborfreight.com/4-piece-nonmarring-scraper-set-95832.html 

These actually worked pretty good and the longer handle gives some leverage.

I used Geocel after I got the old sealer/caulk out.  Cleaned with mineral spirits before applying the Geocel.  First area I tried just to free had laying a bead and spreading it out but it looked terrible.  I then started taping both sided of where I wanted the caulk leaving ~1/8" gap.  Laid a bead and then smoothed it with my finger dipped in mineral spirits.  Then pulled the tape and smoothed again.  Turned out really good. 

The price of the Geocel has gone way up, last year I bought 4 for $40,  Cheapest I can find it now is $25/tube.   https://www.amazon.com/Geocel-GC28100-Flex-Flexible-Clear/dp/B001FC98X2/ref=sr_1_2?crid=WKDRIQR5RF4W&keywords=geocel+proflex+rv+crystal+clear+sealant&qid=1652476568&sprefix=%2Caps%2C839&sr=8-2

I was able to use a set of scaffolding to do the top, had enough room in my garage to maneuver, made it a lot easier then a a ladder.

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