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Essex keypad beeping and can’t get it to stop

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I have taken the inside panel for the entry door off to adjust the rods inside because opening is sometimes persnickety. I have not gone any farther yet, because of having to plant the garden to prepare for the apocalypse 🤣🤣. In the intervening time we have developed a beeping from the keypad. Tried to find the fuse to remove it but was unsuccessful. Found a fuse for the bay locks but that didn’t silence the beeping.have studied the electrical schematics to no avail. I searched the files for a similar topic and did not find anything. Since this is my go to for solutions, I am asking for your help again!

I have attached some of the diagrams that I found in our book- I think that our coach is possessed by the electrical demons!

Thank you for any info!









Oh BTW Ed says that it is the 5 key that blinks when it beeps.

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This problem has been discussed on this group before.  

It takes two actions to activate the key on the key pad.  One is the actual pressure of pushing the button.  The other is the heat from your finger.  After years of use, when the key is pressed, it does Not release to it's non pressed position.  So, one of the two actions is met.  Add to that the second action from the heat of the sun shining on the key pad.  The number 5 is the most used number.  

The only fix is to replace the key pad.

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It appears that your Key Pad has taken a dump and is now defective. It happens with these touch pads after sitting in the sun for so long.

In order to eliminate the beeping you need to unplug the Key Pad from the harness shown in your first photo.

Look under the passenger armrest or remove the cup holder to access the wiring harness for the Key Pad.

This vendor is one place where you can order a new Essex Key Pad.

 A1 Electric Automotive Accessories, Power windows, Power door locks, keyless entry systems, Window motors, Window regulators, Pop door kits

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Thank you to all for your help. I have located the wires where they are connected with crimp connections. There is no harness connector. We have not successfully used the keypad so we are going to disconnect the wires.

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