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Movement in steering wheel

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Watts linkage installed on front H-frame. Original TRW steering box pretty tight. Had wife move steering wheel while checking for looseness in tie rod ends/drag link, no noticeable play. Using velco wrap that is stationary on wheel rim. Pictures show 3-1/2" of movement in wheel from right to left steer with engine OFF. This is with wheel tilt to almost flat and measuring to reference point on dash. Moderate amount of pressure in turning wheel. Do not believe there is any movement in tires.  If my math is correct, this is about 20 deg of wheel movement.  If engine was running, tires would have moved a bit at this wheel rotation.  Wondering if any one else has tried this measurement and how different MHs compare?

HRS steering wheel movement 0.JPG

HRS steering wheel movement 1.JPG

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I am working thru HYDRAPOWER INTEGRAL POWER STEERING GEAR HFB 64 service manual. TRW Ross Division for truck with around 12k front load. I see the torsion bar and how it controls the valve sending fluid to either side of the rack. Not finding how much movement is full rotation of the torsion bar. still looking for more info.


maybe this link will work

https://www.wanderlodgeownersgroup.com/downloads/TRW Hydrapower Integral Power Steering Gear.pdf

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