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Heated floor wiring

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I have a 2011 Dynasty Regal IV with a heated tile floor. The living area heating is not working. I have new thermostat and have checked for resistance in the wiring. There is none.

My question is about the wire routing. I see where the power disappears under the tile directly below the thermostat, but I am wondering if there is and junction box somewhere where the power connects to the heating pads or are the connection just buried in the floor?

I know - it’s a long shot but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask before I contemplate the “fix”.

Thanks in advance. Mike

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If the floor heaters are heating pads similar to what is utilized in aircraft, there should be measurable resistance since it is basically a heating element? The resistance values should be dependent on the size of the pad. If you are reading zero resistance, then there is a broken wire or an open in the circuit or element. 

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