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Speedometer Silverleaf MPG and check engine light

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We did a weekend trip to Santa Barbara and the beach and for the first time I had issues with the speedometer.  On the way West to the beach the speedometer was occasionally reading the correct speed, but more often was flailing violently between 0 and 55mph.  Silverleaf VMS PC MPG looked pretty normal.

On the way back from the beach today the speedometer was even more wacky, never stabilizing and Silverleaf MPG was 0 most of the way home.

Halfway back I got a check engine light.  The diagnostic code from the Silverleaf is:

ENG PID 84 2 Road Speed Invalid Data 6/6/22 11:29

Where to look?  Wheel sensor?  If so, where is it?  ECM?

Ground?  if so, where?

I'm not thinking it's the speedometer itself, since both the speedometer and ECM are affected.

I'll appreciate any advice about where to look.


05 Knight (Very similar to an 04 Diplomat)

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11 hours ago, Dwight Lindsey said:

Ivan, I just realized that I never replied to you and thanked you for your very helpful email.  I bought a new speed sensor, but before it arrived I cleaned the existing one and it's been fine since.  I now have a spare . . . 

Thanks so much


Dwight, glad it turned out to be easy and cheap!

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