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Here is the schematic and parts diagram for a roadmaster chassis. 
My 2002 Windsor was pretty close to this and I was able to use this to help identify parts.  

I replaced all my Pressure Protection Valves because they were leaking.  While I was into it I replaced any part that had rubber seals or spings including the pressure relief valve on the front tank.  I also replaced all the fittings, keeping the old ones as spares. 

When I tried to remove the pressure relief valve it was STUCK, couldn't budge it and ultimately I broke it off.  I ended up using a saber saw to cut slots in the brass threaded part and then chiseling it out.  I had to chase the threads to get the new one to start in. 

Air system roadmaster chassis.pdf

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I replaced the popoff valve and the 90 degree joint and now when i start the coach i cannot get the air pressure to fill the tanks.When i high idle it it does go up to 50psi but no more and when i let it idle it stay on almost zero.I have heard you can fill them up externaly is that the way to go.Thanks for your imput.

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Can you post a picture of the parts you replaced??

Yes, you can use an outside compressor to fill your air system.  In the front of the coach somewhere there is a male air connection you can hook a compressor hose quick connect to.  In my case it is next to the generator.  This port is used if you have to be towed, the tow truck will run a hose to this so that the brakes can be released and the air suspension stays up. 


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Well, you've got me stumped, neither of those parts should have caused the system not to build air. 

I don't recognize the part the the 90 elbow is screwed into, do you know what it does???  Only suggestion would be to check to make sure there isn't any contamination that got into the system.



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