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WOW....Am I BORED....?? Some of you may be doing this now....

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TEXT FROM THE MOTOR1 site....no ads that way.  Read or watch Youtube....

Wild Kenworth Custom Camper Is Part Rig, Part Airstream, All Awesome

The homebuilt motorhomes we cover on Motor1.com generally consist of folks taking an existing truck or van and modifying it to be something to live in. The creation in this video is sort of like that except the builder combines a modified Kenworth semi truck and a vintage Airstream. The result is a motorhome that draws tons of positive attention.

Charlie started this build by finding this Kenworth for sale in New Hampshire. It was in the woods and hadn't run in 12 years. Charlie got the engine started within an hour. 

A few weeks later, this Airstream turned up in an estate sale. He bought it, too, and decided to graft the two vehicles together to create an amazing motorhome. This is quite an undertaking, but Charlie seems to be an engineering whiz.

He overhauled the original Kenworth with Volvo components. Now, the Airstream is attached to the truck, and there's even a pass-through that lets you walk from the cab into the motorhome.

Unfortunately, the video only provides a glimpse into the Airstream portion of the cabin. From the small bit that we see, it looks quite comfy. A kitchenette, sitting area, and bedroom are visible. Charlie says he has 110 square feet of space back there.

The exterior shows off Charlie's ingenuity. He sliced up a bunch of semi truck fuel tanks to create lots of storage space. Only an eagle-eyed observer would be able to tell. These spots hold things like tools and even an inflatable raft. Plus, he has enough propane onboard to go a whole winter without needing more.
Charlie then pops the hood, and there's quite an engine on display. It's a Cummins KTTA twin-turbo inline-six engine with lots of polished parts visible. He figures the powerplant is making around 1,000 horsepower (746 kilowatts). Even when pulling the Airstream and towing an F-150, Charlie says there is effortless passing power on the Interstate.

These days, Charlie uses this rig to commute between his home in Texas and the Northeast. Previously, he camped in this homemade machine

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