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Drink holder food tray for underway!

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My 2006 Dynasty just didn't have good drink holders and/or a place to leave snacks while driving.  I couldn't find any products that I could just purchase.  So since I drive left handed, I needed a place to put my drink on my right while driving.  I wanted to share my solution which came out better than expected.  I found a Ozark Trail 26qt cooler from Walmart that was just under $100,  which has rubber feet on the bottom, so it doesn't slide around.  Then I made a service tray that sits firmly on the top of the cooler which we can put between the pilot and co-pilot seats and still walk between.  It took a little bit of getting every possible cup that I may come across to get the hole sizes right.  I added a drip rail to the food tray area.  I made it out of Polar with a satin clear coat.   I would love to hear your comments or ways I could have improved it.








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9 hours ago, cbr046 said:

Maybe a stiff (but rotating) handle over the top so you can get into the cooler without clearing the tray?

And maybe an electric cooler . . .


- bob


Thanks for your comments.  On the ability to remove the tray to get into the cooler, there is enough room with the cooler closer to the driver for it to sit on it's legs on the floor between the cooler and co-pilot seat.  I did consider the electric cooler, but decided to keep it simple.  We will find out if that was the best choice???

We are leaving on a 3000 mile round trip to Oshkosh, WI (EAA Convention if anyone is going) this Friday, so it will get a good test run for my new food/drink service tray.

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