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2003 Monaco Dynasty lift pump install.

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So I’ve been wanting to do a FASS or air dog style install. Just with tires, other maintenance  that needed done etc it wasn’t in the budget. I’ve always felt the coach was down on power and sure enough I had it scanned and had a code for the CAPS pump. It’s still running, and I had a trip this weekend that I had to be there wether I took the RV or not. So did some quick digging and found a Carter P4601HP. 100 gph and max pressure of like 16 psi. Did a quick and easy install. Bypassed factory lift pump and put a gauge back by the primary filter, mainly because that’s the only place I could read it easily. Now have 12 psi of positive pressure to the filters at least. When I have more time I’m going to move the gauge to post filters, but I’m leaving tonight and wanted to have the pump on there before I left.


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I believe most of us went with the FASS pump not only for the positive fuel pressure but also the air separation. At least I did. I never got my ECM read and had many codes for the caps pump before it failed. (it was read by the mechanic that replaced it)


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