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Service light on touchpad

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I have the 5 speed Allison transmission with the Arens Controls 2 digit touchpad.  Every now and then when changing from drive to neutral to reverse or Visa-versa, the little red service light illuminates on the touchpad and am unable to shift until I restart the engine.  Quite annoying, especially when trying to back into campsites and what not.  The “check transmission” light on the dash never comes with the touchpad light.  Does anyone know if this is leaning towards a transmission issue, or an issue with the touchpad itself.   Very limited information out there to try and troubleshoot myself.  

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Not sure what year Allison incorporated the ability to retrieve fault codes from the transmission but my 2002 doesn't have that ability.

So you may do some searching for your specific transmission/shift pad and see if you can recover the codes. 


The only time I had a problem I was in a NO start situation and cat eyes on the transmission display.  Ended up having to have the rig towed to an Allision shop and they ended up replacing the ECU for the transmission.  ~$3500.

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Check the underside of the touch pad to see if the connection has worked partly loose due to road vibration.  While there unplug the connection and plug back in.  

Allison recommends that when you shift from reverse to drive you shift to neutral and then to drive.  Same for shifting to the other direction.  Sometimes we are, are own worse enemy.

Chuck B 2004 Windsor

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