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Girard Awning

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While at the Lincoln FMCA rally, I had the Girard techs try to adjust our patio awning and see why it did not deploy completely and the motion sensor was not sensing wing movement.  They told me I have a broken spring in one of the arms and the whole arm will have to be replaced.  We have a 2015 coach and they said Girard quit making parts so I will have to buy three new ones to repair it.  Does anyone know of a surplus dealer that might still have the parts to fix it?



’15 Dynasty 

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Check with this guy to see if he can help you at all. I realize this disaster occurred a few years ago but he may have some parts hidden away or access to parts that no one else has.

Girard NOVA awning epic fail - RV Specialists to the rescue! (thespearsrvadventure.com)

Also, the Lippert/Girard web site still has the Nova Patio Awning active on their site which tells me that you can still purchase the product. I would call Girard directly and talk with one of their customer service agents. I called them as my coach came without a manual crank handle so I purchased one to have on hand just in case. They are very proud of their products!

BTW, why would you have to buy three? If you can buy three you should be able to buy one. That doesn't make any sense!

If someone had a shorter Nova awing that only had two arms, they would have to buy three just to get two!

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