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2005 Monaco Windsor

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There usually is a proximity switch located somewhere underneath the step  near the inside that senses when the steps are in. Easiest to find with the steps out. Sometimes the switch or the pickup fall off

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I may be wrong, but I think that is the switch contacts for the electric door lock inside the entry door.  


But this is a link to the part I THINK you need.  Would have to look at the circuit to see if the door lock shares, but I don’t think so.  Before you order the new spring contacts, I would do some measurements and talk to the supplier.  You might also find them elsewhere at a more competitive price.

Now, a little more research.  I had a similar problem.  So, test this out..  I have attached a picture from the Lippert CoachStep manual.  I have also attached the entire instructions.

FIRST.  have someone stand outside.  When the door is closed and the engine is started or the ignition is turned on….ARE THE STEPS RETRACTED?  IF YES….THAT IS GOOD.

NOW, turn off the ignition.  Open the door….do the steps extend?  IF YES….THAT IS GOOD.

That is the way they are supposed to work.  You can change the action by the door switch on the passengers console so that every time the door is OPENED….THE STEPS GO OUT….and every time the door is closed, they retract.  Most people don’t use that position as that cycles or operates the steps needlessly.  They just leave the steps out and let the ignition switch retract the,.

if all of this is working, then the DOOR SWITCH is OK.  READ the text in the picture.  There is a magnetically operated proximity switch near the bottom of the hinge side.  It probably looks like two “dots” or circles.  It is like an alarm switch on a door or window. When the magnet (on the door) is close to the switch inside or flush with the frame, the switch is off …open the door it is on.  THAT switch is what is activating the steps.  

OK….if your steps work as they should, sometime the controller got water in it.  OR…the Magnetic switch on the side of the step arm or mechanism is bad.  That switch is supposed to tell or signal the controller that the steps retracted and are fully back.  My magnetic outside switch was replaced.  All the wiring was checked.  The only thing you can do is to plug and unplug the various wiring harnesses and look for corrosion.  Mine were cleaned and dielectric bulb grease was added.  When I went over a water puddle, sometimes the steps out light would flash….then go off or stay on until the moisture dried out.

Finally, before the extended warranty ran out, the controller was replaced.  The existing magnetic switch in the steps was NOT replaced.  It was fine.  I have NOT had a STEP OUT light since then.

Your step controller is an original one.  CoachStep was in Texas then.  Lippert bought them and closed the Texas factory.  The Lippert engineers realized how prone to water damage the controller was.  They had the vendor encapsulate or make the electronics more water proof.  There are many RV techs that will install the newer version but seal the wiring with a big glob of silicone….based on the previous issues.


VERIFY that the steps work as above.

TEST or replace the Magnetic switch.  Be aware….there are two versions….or two types of switches.  One is NORMALLY OPEN and the OTHER is NORMALLY CLOSED.  Get the right one.

if the light stays on and the steps work and the Magnetic switch is OK….THEN live with it until they stop working properly or buy a new controller.  Read the trouble shooting steps in the manual….pretty straightforward.

GOOD LUCK.  let us know what you find out. 



Coach Step Instructions Lippert 052620171159am.pdf

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