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Voyager Monitor Issue on my Alladin

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Hello all,

I have a 2007 Monaco Knight SKT.  Coming home a couple of days ago, the display on my Voyager B&W monitor was compressed to the center of screen and could not really read it.  After a while, the screen just went blank.  I know the Alladin is sending info because I can here the beeps if I scroll the buttons on it.  I think the monitor just went out but no sure.  Any thoughts are appreciated.


TDale, ABQ, NM

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My monitor was bad when I bought my coach. It did numerous wonky things including what you're describing.  I purchased a new monitor from Tim at rvcams.com and all is well.  Mounted w command strips over the existing hole as it is larger.  But, an easy troubleshoot is to stick a small tv on your dash and run RCA cables from the Aladdin to the TV instead of the dash monitor and see if it works. 


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