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  1. @Bob Nodine thank you. I ordered from ebay last night. But I saved the website you referenced.
  2. @Ivan K perfect! Thank you. It's on the way.
  3. I'm having trouble finding small amounts of 2/0 SGX cables, especially on Amazon. I found these, but not SGX. Anyone know of other sources?
  4. Scott from AL Trans was great to us when a wire broke on our transmission. https://www.altransservice.com/
  5. Frank, Thanks for the help again. It looks like you have roughly 2.5 feet of each red and black 2/0 SGX cables for your house connections? I'm planning my order. I'll need 8 lugs (at least) and heat shrinks. Looks like copper is recommended. Just confirming there is no need for 4/0 cables to connect the 4 house batteries? Thanks, Steven
  6. @Frank McElroyvery good info and pics. Thank you! @Mike Wahl I like Ospho, a rust remover i got from Ace Hardware. Once I have the rust gone, I'll paint with a Rustoleum spray paint likely. Nothing fancy in mind. Changing to AGMs should help too.
  7. The PO of our Diplomat had 2 12V batteries for the house batteries. I feel they have gone bad and am wanting to replace them with 4 6V batteries, wired series-parallel. I'm looking at Sam's Club Duracell GC2 AGM batteries. I have read a lot of opinions on batteries and Sam's is near me making it convenient. In doing this, I will need to buy new cables since I do not have the right amount of cables. Any recommendations w cables? Would Advanced Auto be as good as any? I know I will need to change settings in my Magnum inverter/charger to AGM. What other settings do I need to ch
  8. @Dr4Film, I have not heard of these. Do you put on one battery at a time, have one for each battery, or wire so it works on all batteries at a time? Any issues with having an Amp L Start hooked up?
  9. I still have doors, bins, shelves, etc to my Norcold 1200 if anyone is interested.
  10. If it's cold when cranking, and the dash gauges light up, maybe it's just heat from the lights and gauges til they heat up enough. My boat gauges do that at times.
  11. We dropped DirectTV and got Dish and are pleased overall w it. A new tailgater dish for 2 receivers was like $350 and I did the install. W Dish, you can turn the Wallys on and off from an app and pay something like $0.50 per day for usage. Of course you need Dish elsewhere to get this rate. Also, I think your surround sound is in that DVD tuner box that you can run the radio (not dash) or DVDs or TVs through.
  12. In regards to the straight pipe, there recently was a post in the FB group asking about this. Several coach owners have done it and shared videos w sound.
  13. @RobertD I am so sorry to hear that. Prayers for your recovery. Just let me know when it's a better time for you. Steven
  14. Bob, Still interested in the fridge parts? Steven
  15. Did this just start or was there something changed before this? If a change was made, I'd start there.
  16. @JDStew thanks, I watched the video and that makes sense. @pulsarjab I'll download the manual and look this over. I did not know there are 3 sensors. Thank you.
  17. @codelld interesting find! I cannot get that link to work, could you try again? Do you have a pic of the sender's location on the transmission? Thank you, Steven
  18. My Aladdin shows pretty much all engine and transmission info and the display doubles as the camera screen. There are 2 types of Aladdins to my knowledge. 1) Aladdin Jr-- what i have and 2) Aladdin-- this one adds in house monitoring info from what I've seen. Jeff, I have a VM w ohms, but am not too familiar w taking those readings. How do I do that? Thank you, Steven
  19. Hello all, I've been working on my to do list and since I've had the coach, the transmission temp gauge has not worked on the dash. It does work in the Aladdin but not in the scan gauge. I have removed the lead at the transmission, cleaned it and it didn't change. I think my next step would be to change the sensor out. I haven't found a replacement yet. Any suggestions on where to order one from? Tranny model#: E012544 Thank you.
  20. I'm not sure i should put this in this category. But after hurricane Sally and seeing one of these in action, I feel like owning one could be a good thing for a coach owner. The least expensive FLIR one i see is $600 and they go up from there. Anyone have any experience with these? https://www.flir.com/products/mr160/
  21. @Barry W That's great news! Congrats on a nice victory.
  22. In my case (06 Diplomat), I'm pretty sure it was the original and it sure seemed consistent w the new Eternabond.
  23. I can say that removing that Eternabond tape is a challenge in itself. I had a leak in BR slide and decided to remove all of the eternabond. I used a combination of scrapers and acetone to get it done. Once gone, it looked great and I felt good about my removal and then applied new eternabond. I personally wouldn't use any mechanical or electrical devices for removal. If you can get that acetone to get bw the tape and the roof it will help a lot.
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