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2005 Diplomat Air Dump Issues

Rick A

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I can not get my rig to deflate/dump the air bags. I have a single switch on the control panel that I believe should deflate all the bags. When I hold the switch down, I can hear clicking but nothing happens. I Found the solenoid in the front Generator bay and unscrewed the air pipe and the front bags deflated but not the rear bags. What am I missing here. Do these solenoid release the air pressure through the solenoid itself? They have a single air line into the solenoid. Do they jam up or just seize up? Why would front and back do this at the same time? Can anybody educate me?

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There should be a similar solenoid to dump the rear bags in the rear engine compartment.

If neither are working I'd highly suspect an electrical problem between the switch on the dash and the air dump valves.

Most likely the "Bag Dump" fuse in the outside electrical bay has blown, so check for that. On  my older rig it's in the outside bay under the driver's window.

You should check your manual for the wiring diagram for the "Bag Dump" feature.

Here's mine ('97 Dynasty) to give you an idea.


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The air dump solenoid valves for the rear axle are in the A/C condenser compartment behind the rear wheel.  You need to open the compartment with the special round key.  The valves are above the filters on mine.  There are two valves one for each side.  Overall, there are dump valves. 

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