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Fall Lake Campground, Mn. Tettegouche S.P. Mn, Cascade Falls S.P. Mn


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Yup, you get that far north you will find serenity and peace

Been to the Boundary Waters a couple times and rented a house boat out of Ash River.  Great fishing once you learn the tricks.  Lakes are formed by glacier activity which pushed the rock/bolders into formations trailing off the islands.  Fish those points and you'll catch bass none stop.  Up there in late May during a mayfly hatch fishing out the mouth of a small creek, caught pike, walleye, and bass one after the other.  Times like those are what memories are made of.

Actually went out of my way last year to drive Rt 2 across MN, went up to International Falls, just because. 

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Last time I was there was in 1999, had some good days and bad.  Had a huge pike on briefly, it just did a roll and spit my bait out. 

I think the area has become more popular.  I stopped by one of the visitor centers when I drove through there last year and it was crowded, the boat landing was packed.  No doubt it would tougher to catch fish if there is a lot of fishing activity. 

But a lot depends on the weather, season, and pure luck.












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