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Intake pre heat diagram 1995 cummins c8.3 mechanical flame start start system

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Good Morning,  I don't have wiring diagrams for my 95 dynasty 36 with C8.3 300hp (Esn 45139753) built Feb. 1995.  Mechanical p7100 injection.   I've owned it 1yr in wisconsin.   My engine has the "flame start system" for "intake pre heat".  There isn't a grid heater like my cummins powered Dodge Ram.  This system has 2 injectors on each side of the 4" intake tube.  The 2 injectors are also glow plugs to ignite diesel fuel while starting below 45°f.  Power is disabled above 45°.   The "wait to start" light on the dash doesn't illuminate.   The bulb is good.  The heavy duty relay that powers the glow/plug injectors functions properly on the bench.  Fuel solenoid for this system clicks when powered.        I have removed the harness for this system to fully inspect/test.  This harness is listed as cummins option wr9017-00 p/n 3927339.   Based on a thread I found on irv2, somebody posted 2 pages for monaco "intake pre heat wiring diagram 99edp119" for a C8.3, 325 drawn 12-97. (Confusing that they are making a drawing for a '99 with p7100).  Anyway, my system as I see it, 27 years after original installation does not have the "synchro start coil commander" as shown on the monaco wiring diagram.   If you have a wiring diagram for a 95ish monaco with intake preheat / flame start system, May I see it?     Thanks TimScreenshot_20230107-175525_Drive.thumb.jpg.64ee16c0e4c8a7bb63e26d7887a239fe.jpg

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Only suggestion would be to create an account on the Cummins Quickserve site and see if you can find information on this, since it is part of the engine there should be info on it including trouble shooting.  https://quickserve.cummins.com/info/index.html

You have to create an account and then register the SN of you engine.  From there you should have access to all the parts pages and maintenance info.  I'd suggest finding the part number for the injectors and then using that number to search the maintenance manuals.  I have a large database of information on my engine.  When I find information I think I may need in the future I print to PDF and save in my files.  Years ago I could download a complete maintenance manual for my rig but they've changed the website and now you have to find bits and pieces.  Still useful but not as user friendly. 

My guess is that there will be the info you need. 

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Thanks for recommendation.   I'm sorry that I forgot to mention that I did open a quick serve account and submitted a ticket.   It's been a few days without a response from Cummins so I decided to see if somebody would have might have an intake pre heat wiring diagram from their 95ish Monaco manual.   I can't imagine that it's much different from the Diagram I have attached (drawn 12-97).  Must have been for some of the last C8.3 (mechanical injection, P7100 pump) engines used by monaco.   I would like to see an older diagram or a photo of a 95ish engine showing the Synchro Start Coil Commander installed in the harness.   Thanks again,   Tim

Cummins C8.3 flame start harness 3927339 option WR 9017-00 wr920ga.jpg

Cummins Flame Start System C series flame plugs C8.3 Monaco Motorhome Intake Pre Heat.pdf

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I was able to register the engine and found through a parts search for my engine that it included option wr9017-00 (harness and screw).   I also found the harness part number 3927339 as part of the kit.   I could not find any installation instructions or diagram with pin out, so I went to "contact us" for a diagram or pin out, I had to complete a "ticket" for them to review my request.   Re reading the "contact us" it does show to be more of a "help desk" rather than product assistance so I will call on Monday to speak with somebody about installation instructions for the flame start system components and wiring.   Thanks again,   tim

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I did  a google search for the flame start system and found this


There was a service bulletin listed that I downloaded (12 pages) and it has testing procedure, see attached.  Through out the PDF there are part numbers listed so it might give you some leads. 


FWIW, I'm a former Hodag from Rhinelander😁


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Thanks for your effort.  I was working between that monaco diagram and the cummins bulletin that you found.  I apologize for not posting that also but I was working from a printed copy that I have saved on a different computer not my phone.   I've been very cautious since the controller is $300+ and I don't want to put voltage where it shouldn't go!!!!  

From the diagram and bulletin I have confirmed:

Pin A: 12v in (from fuel shutoff sol. Circuit)

Pin B: wait to start light (provides ground)

Pin 😄 12v out to Flame start fuel solenoid

Pin d: 12 out to flame/glow plug

Pin e: ??? 12v in while cranking to pin c??

Pin f: oil pressure sensor.  normally open, must close within 30 seconds of wait to start light off or controller aborts cycle.

I haven't cranked the engine to verify Pin e and Pin f, since I feel like I need the syncho start coil commander according to the newer monaco drawing.

Fwiw, we were planning to take the motorhome to eagle river for the vintage snowmobile world championships 1-13.  I didn't want to rely on the generator only to preheat/start the motorhome.   Plan B: we rented a cottage at lake tomahawk.    Also, my neighbor in whitewater is a hodag.  Her dad was a dentist and she's in her mid 70's.    My dad lived in sugar camp late 70's, 80's and then Minocqua in the 90's. Thanks again.    Tim






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Hope you get it figured out.   Good to have a back up plan.  FWIW I've seen older mine equipment operators burn a rag near the air intake to get a rig started in the cold, just have to make sure it's not sucked into the intake. 

Will you have shore power or will you be dry camping??  Looked at the weather report and it looks like the next 10 days is mild, much warmer then I remember it +40 years ago.  I was use to below 0F growing up. 

Eagle river was our second home as my grandmother lived on a lake near there.  Been to the Eagle River races several time.  Brother still lives in Sugar Camp and two sisters live in Rhinelander.  

Good Luck



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Hello,  I'm confident that I'll get it operating tonight.   My biggest concern was putting voltage in the wrong terminals.   I completed step by testing to verify the that the controller cycles as it should (wait to start on for 30 secs, relay off after 60 secs due to no oil pressure).  I still need to verify fuel solenoid operation during cranking and wiring for the shut off solenoid (injection pump).   I think the "Coil Commander" is an accessory, not a requirement so I will wire the shut off solenoid properly and go from there.

We are enacting Plan B with the rented cottage on Lake Tomahawk.  My prep days were consumed and it's a busy week with school sports.  Plan was to dry camp.  This weekend at ER is the vintage races.   Next weekend is the Late Model sleds so maybe we go back and dry camp for those races.

The weather is nice for travelling and camping, not nice for trail riding.





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