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Brake lights


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We have a 2002 Diplomat and having a problem with replacing 1157 standard bulbs to LEDs. The 1157 standards work fine but when I put the LEDs in the lights come on but when brake pedal is push they go out, anyone have this issue before? Is there a special LED bulb just for the Diplomat?

Any thoughts appreciated.

Stay Safe

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None of the 1157 LED’s I’ve tried beat the standard incandescent 1157 bulb. The Sylvania was the best but still not great.

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I don't see any big advantage going to LED taillights. LED's inside the coach offer reduced heat and power consummation and make them ideal for dry camping. Your taillights are used when the engine is running and the alternator is keeping the chassis battery charged.  When you apply the service brake you want your taillights to be as bright as possible to get the attention of drivers behind you. Vehicles equipped  with LED's by the OEM are usually designed to provide adequate brightness for daylight use but merely replacing a filament bulb with an LED substitute may not provide enough brightness. You should compare the lumens between the OEM 1157 and the LED so called equivalent carefully before make the purchase.


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