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Onan 8000 fuel filter

Georgia Mike

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I am helping my friend with his Onan 8000 QD doing some maintenance. He ordered the fuel filter according to the manual and it’s the same one on my 10k and my previous 7.5k generator. It’s the rectangular one that I have always used so I thought. When I went under and opened the little hatch on the bottom I was surprised to a round in-line filter. The number on the side is 149-234101. When you look at the picture it looks like both ends of the hose is crimped on. I have never run across this type of filter on any Onan before. Does anyone else with an 8000 have this type of fuel filter?  I guess you would use small hose clamps or something to change it out?




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The only two comments that I would make.  

What is the filter number that the Genny has on the plate with the specs of filters?  Is it the rectangular one?  If the filter is the same number or style as yours, then I will take a shot.

The filter on that Onan has NEVER been changed.  Onan, per a Cummins/Onan tech at the shop as well as the support line, said that the original 8KW ( probably all, but in my case....SPECIFIC) came with a smaller filter.  That was by design.  That filter was the "Indicator" as to whether the owner was maintaining it.  If a customer brought in an Onan genny, under warranty, and had the smaller filter but was past the recommended hours (I THINK the initial change out was shorter....again...MEMORY), then all bets were off on warranty.

If the Plate on the 8KW calls for the rectangular filter and that is what he has and this is what is there....then that is the OEM from the factory.  Call Cummins or call a Cummins Onan dealer and they will tell you how to install the correct one.  I am SURE you know that the proper way to install is to have TWO pinch clamp pliers .

Let us know what you find out....


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The plate on the generator calls for the rectangular fuel filter. My friend ordered all the parts from the info on the generator but it has the round inline filter. He has ordered the round one now. I saw it had the Oetiker Step Ear clamps on there now and was confused why they would use those because it has to be changed. Those type of clamps are used for more permanent installations. You don’t think that hose clamps would work? That fuel line isn’t very high pressure 

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All I know is what Onan told me.  And that was from a tech at a large dealership as well as the factory.

I would CALL Onan and ask them.  The smaller OEM, to be changed out at the first Filter change made sense to me.  Mine had the smaller one.  The OTR shop installed the rectangular one after I spent a lot of time on the phone with Onan Tech and an experienced Genny Tech at an Onan shop.  I only know this from ordering my own filters and having an OTR shop do my work.  I DO carry the Pinch pliers....but just don't care to do that job.

Onan's tech support should answer that....I would use the Proper One.  What does the Manual say?

BTW....I can tell you from practical experience as well as others here....the rectangular one is more prone to clogging than the small one.  When folks get fuel issues and they have to treat or change their engine filters....if they run, like a buddy did, their genny quite a bit, it took TWO filter changes after they treated to get the Genny working properly....so the SMALL initial filter to be replaced with the proper rectangular one makes sense.

That's all I know...for certain....and the info was NOT from some "blog I read"....

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