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Tire/wheel covers made by MCD

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2004 Dynasty.

We have the tire/wheel covers that were made by MCD.

All the covers are in great shape but a lot of the sliding track in the wheel wells needs replacement. MCD no longer makes this product and has no suggestions for track  replacement. 

Our searches have come up dry.

 Anyone have any idea where we might purchase the track that the covers slide into?

Track picture attached. 



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Try calling RV Decor in Yuma, Arizona. They were playing with the idea of offering those wheel covers once again. I know Mujeeb, the owner, found some of this track for the tire covers he was attempting to produce. He may still have some or maybe he can lead you in the right direction. His telephone number is: 928-550-7010.

Formally a 2006 Camelot Owner
Previously worked for RV Decor several years ago


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