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2005 Knight roof

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Hi Guys,

I have a 2005 Knight and have to repair some roof issues. upon looking at the brochure for that year it says I am supposed to have a peaked aluminum roof but mine is not aluminum but looks like Filon sheet and has a seam down each side attached with screws. I don't have any photos with me but was wondering if anyone else has any photos of their 2005 knight they could share to see if they are the same. I will try and remember to get some photos when I get back home this weekend.

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No seam down the middle. Just got some photos. No aluminum up there. The white feels like Filon. Doesn't your aluminum roof go over the side down to the beltline trim? That grey on the side of my roof is fiberglass not aluminum and painted the original color of the coach. Yes I know it needs washing. Waiting on my shed to be put up.



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