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Upgraded Television

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There's several mods I've wanted to do for some time but never seem to have the time nor energy to do them. I finally decided to upgrade the front TV in my coach. I've been wanting to get rid of all the superfluous wiring and stuff Monaco crammed into the cabinets while upgrading the TV at the same time. Out went the 32" Sharp along with the 'box' and garbage in that cabinet. In it's place I put a 40" Smart TV with only a couple HDMI hookups. The Sharp was 50+ pounds and the tuner box was another 10# or so. The new TV weighs just shy of 9 pounds so I shedded a few pounds. Below are some pictures of the mod. I recommend this to anyone who is remotely hand and loves to work with wood although there wasn't a whole lot of cutting involved.  The Sharp was 19" tall, 38 5/8" wide and the Vizio is 21.5, so I had to cut away 1 1/2" off the top rail. For speakers I added a sound bar next to the new TV and repurposed the cut section of the top rail to narrow the opening to 37.5". Picture 1 is the old TV, Picture 2 is the finished product. Pictures 3 and 4 are the old TV wires and 'stuff'. Pictures 5, 6 and 7 show the install in process.   Any questions, give me a shout. I get my new tail lights tomorrow.  Stay tuned.......Dennis








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Just finished my TV swap. My Sharp Aquos was a little newer model than yours, with the speaker on the bottom, so the cutout in the cabinet was narrower, and taller than yours.

Went with a 32" Samsung LED, and a Vizio soundbar, wit 1/4" to spare at the bottom.

Made a couple of side filler pieces, as the new set had much slimmer side bezel's than the original Sharp.


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