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A little water in the lines

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While fixing small air leaks I drained my air tanks. Might as well check auxiliary air chuck ,you know , the one you air a floaty up with,or a tire. Stuck my blow nozzle in pushed the button, blew 1/4 cup water out , mostly on me. Opened valve for emergency air, the one the wrecker plugs into, probably shot glass full water blows out . Haven’t used these in couple years, never see any water when I blow my tanks. Might should check these more often.

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Both of those fittings are coming from your supply tank.

If your dryer dessicant filter is no longer doing the job, that's the first place moisture will collect!

Most times when I'm checking, that's the only drain I crack. If there's no moisture in that tank, I know there will be no moisture in my primary & secondary dry tanks.

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Jeff.   Air drier ,filter and governor replaced last spring, about 2500 miles. But I haven’t opened those 2 receptacles in 2 years + . My bad , just never thought about them ! 
Ben, you’ve got our sister ship ,I think. We’ve only got 2 air tanks, both up by the front axel , how bout yours. I  drain  my tanks every trip , these two will be on my list from now on, thanks.

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Tommy, one of your two tanks is called a split tank. It has a 'wall' or baffle in the center.

Half of the tank is the supply (wet) tank, the other half is the primary (front) dry tank. 

On the bottom of each side will have it's own drain line.

It has a one way check valve welded into the center of this wall which will allow air to enter the primary dry side of the tank from the wet side, but as long as it's working properly, air can't flow back from the primary into the wet side.

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