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Suddenly No AC Outlets Work Rear Half of 2002 Dynasty

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We are out on a short trip and suddenly we have no AC power from the outlets in the rear half of our coach. At the same time, only the lower set of Amp Meter and Volt Meter are showing a reading. Normally when either plugged in to 30 amp or 50 amp service or generating power, there is a reading on all 4 gauges. The AC outlets in the front half of the coach work. 

When I cycle the main 50 amp breaker on the AC fuse box I get power to the rear AC power outlets for a couple of seconds only. The breaker does not trip, but the power to the outlets stops after a second or two. I also cycled the salesman’s switch twice. Reset the breaker on the park AC post. 

Everything worked fine this morning before we left.


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Never mind, I think it was just a bad connection with the park outlet. I swapped to a 30 amp adapter and the 30 amp plug and voila, power readings on all 4 gauges. Tried the 50 amp again and everything is fine. I noticed that the plug to outlet connection was not great due to where the 50 amp outlet was located and the cord plug tended to want to slip out. If it happens again I know where to look. 

Strange the way this manifested itself. I’m not an electrician but I think that only one of the two 110 volt lines was making a connection. 

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Good call. Glad. you got it fixed. Now to find the other two things that broke that day. Can't have just one failure.

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